We love to build: Announcing Fund II

Jeremias Meier

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February 19, 2024
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We are excited to announce the initial closing of our second fund! ‍

In 2019, we launched as a founder-led investment platform designed to take a more hands-on approach than traditional venture capital firms. Having spent more than 20 years building startups and serving as board members of high-growth ventures, was a natural evolution for us. Our approach is centered on an owner-operator mindset, where we are ourselves the largest investors in our funds.

Our first fund supports fourteen founder teams, several of which have gone on to secure Seed / Series A follow-on rounds. We continue to work closely with these companies, actively supporting their continued growth.

With our latest fund, we are making a deliberate break from the traditional power law game of VC investing, to partner with a growing number of entrepreneurs, who are questioning the conventional venture funding path, which relies on permanent fundraising.

"The mantra of these founders is to raise less and build more." 

Many have achieved initial product market fit and significant traction with minimal cash burn. For them raising capital has become an option, not a requirement. The reason they speak with us is not an urgent financing need. They are looking for an experienced partner, with a track record of successfully scaling business operations and delivering exits - a value proposition which few can offer and where we believe we can make a real difference. 

Building a broad portfolio of passive investments has always been alien to our owner-operator DNA. Leaving the conventional venture capital factory line will allow us to be more concentrated and devote our full time and attention to a handful of companies, which are in control of their destiny. 

If you're a founder seeking active, experienced support to scale your business, let's connect. We love to build!

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