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About was founded in 2020 by Martin Altorfer and Philippe Bubb after they had spent almost two decades investing in and building companies together. They are fortunate to have been the first investors in companies like Bexio and On, where they assumed active roles as chairmen for many years. is backed by their own capital and by that of entrepreneurs and business owners both from tech- and non-tech industries.



At session lab projects start with an amazing idea or with an amazing co-founder. Together we go from ideation to building an MVP. We typically fund these projects with USD 150k to USD 300k to prepare the company for a seed round.

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At session venture we back early-stage companies in the Software and Consumer space. As active investors, we can only partner with a few companies. When we do, we roll up our sleeves and get to work, providing entrepreneurs with access to expertise and insights across the entire spectrum of company building.

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  1. Amplo

    Amplo's mission is to provide unprecedented insights into the health and performance of machines by eliminating archaic manual workflows in the field. The proceeds form the pre-seed round will enable the No-code AI startup to advance ist solution for industrial companies.
  2. Bexio

    Bexio is the leading Business Software for the Swiss SME market. Martin and Philippe were seed investors of the company. Martin served as Executive Chairman between 2013 and 2018, prior to selling Bexio to Mobiliar insurance. He continues to be a board member of the company.
  3. Dagsmejan

    Dagsmejan is a fast growing Swiss sleepwear brand.
  4. Deskbird

    Create a hybrid workplace your employees will love, with our intuitive plug-and-play workplace management solution. Get started in minutes, not weeks.
  5. Dufour Aerospace

    Swiss based Dufour Aerospace is developing an eVTOL platform based on tilt-wing technology to make future manned and unmanned electric and hybrid electric aircraft a reality. Dufour’s prototypes have already flown many hundreds of flights – both manned and unmanned. The combination of VTOL operation, aircraft design and software development expertise puts Dufour Aerospace at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility.

    Airica is a Swiss technology startup that provides solutions to improve indoor air quality and helps to optimize building utilization.
  7. Guuru

    GUURU was founded to help companies excel in Customer Service, providing a cost-effective, easily scalable solution, which meets today’s digital expectations of consumers. On the GUURU platform, companies let their community of experienced product users help support seeking customers in real time as well as provide feedback of their chats to the smartbot, which significantly accelerates its learning curve.
  8. Iona Mind

    Iona Mind's mission is to make cost-effective, evidence-based and personalized mental health support accessible to everyone.
  9. Jua

    A new paradigm in weather forecasting. AI learning physics. Delivering accuracy beyond expectation. Covering use cases beyond belief. Accessible to everyone, wherever in the world they are.
  10. Lano

    Hire and pay your remote team in 150+ countries, no matter the employment type. From compliance to payroll, we onboard your candidates in days, not weeks. Safely send international payments in multiple currencies with a single click.
  11. Mikks

    Mikks creates innovative and simple products of the highest quality, which enable everyone to always enjoy the perfect drink.
  12. Nutmeg

    Nutmeg is UK’s first online discretionary investment company. It aims to disrupt the world of investment management, by offering portfolio management services to anyone with as little as £1,000 to invest. In 2012 we were working on a similar project in Switzerland but due to the limited size and complex regulation of our home market we scrapped the project and invested in Nutmeg instead.

    Nutmeg was acquired by JPMorgan Chase in 2021.
  13. On Running

    On is one of the fastest growing global footwear and apparel brands. In 2010, Philippe was the first outside investor in On Running and served as its Chairman from 2013 to 2018.
  14. Pabio

    Pabio aims to disrupt the furniture industry. The company offers both individuals and real estate professionals a personalised interior design combined with a high-quality furniture rent-to-own service
  15. SAPORO

    Saporo improves your cyber resistance by prioritizing and reducing user and system access risks.
  16. Salesplaybook

    Salesplaybook enables B2B SaaS Startups to build sales successfully. The company offers hands-on upskilling, learning, coaching and implementation, delivered by 30+ experienced sales masterminds .
  17. smino

    smino unterstützt Bauprojekte in jeder Phase - von der Planung bis zur Schlüsselübergabe. Kollaborativ, simpel und von überall.
  18. Swiss­commerce

    Swisscommerce ist a leading e-commerce platform for speciality retail. From 2015 to 2018, Philippe was a board member and subsequently the Chairman of Swisscommerce.
  19. Wellstreet

    Wellstreet is a Swedish incubator and early stage investor with which we are actively sharing opportunities to co-invest. This partnership also helps to accelerate the internationalization of our respective portfolio companies.

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Founding Partners

Martin Altorfer

Founding Partner

Martin has 30 years experience in information technology.

He was the founder and CEO/CTO of a number of companies including Active-Net AG, a leading Swiss ISP sold to UUNET 1999; BCAP AG, a Venture capital fund; Celeris AG, an internet security company sold to Swisscom 2005; replica, an online music company.

He also served as CIO (Chief Information Officer) in one of Australia's largest companys, CSR Ltd. between 2007 and 2009. Since 2010, he has helped a number of companies with seed funding and close mentorship in all aspects of building a successful business. Among them Bexio AG, a SaaS company serving the Swiss SME market, where he was the seed investor and Executive Chairman, prior to the company's sale to Mobiliar insurance in 2018. Martin currently serves as a board member of Baggenstos AG, Bexio AG and Saporo AG.

Philippe Bubb

Founding Partner

Philippe focuses on consumer investments. His experience and expertise in both large and small companies focuses on strategy, growth and finance. Philippe spent the first part of his career as an advisor and fund manager for private- and public equity funds in Switzerland and the U.S. Prior to founding, he served as an angel investor and board member for several European startups.

In 2010 he was the first investor in On Running and its Chairman from 2013 to 2018. Together with Martin, he was the first investor in SaaS company Bexio, which was sold to Mobiliar in 2018. From 2015 to 2018 Philippe was a board member and subsequently the Chairman of marketplace company Swisscommerce.

Philippe has a background in finance with an MBA from the University of St. Gallen.

Jeremias Meier


Jeremias brings 15 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur and most recently served as CEO and Co-Founder of Bexio. Today, Jeremias supports (SaaS) startups as a mentor, board member and investor. At he assists selected investments hands-on in company building, data driven marketing and how to scale sales.


Stefan Brunner


Stefan is a Co-Founder of Bexio. As Product Lead he was responsible for the multiple award-winning “Business Software from the Cloud”, which has over 30’000 SMB customers and was sold to the Swiss insurance company Mobiliar in summer 2018. Today Stefan is an investor and advisor for ICT start-ups and venture capital companies.

Domenico Maffei


Domenico is passionated about venture capital and startups. He has interned at several companies in business development and venture building, such as Daimler AG. Also, he is the host of a startup and venture capital podcast. Domenico currently serves as a working student while studying Economics at the University of St. Gallen.

Samuel Wenger


Sam is a member of On Running’s Executive Team and oversees its Direct to Consumer (DTC) division, including all of On’s ecommerce, own retail and customer experience. Prior to joining On in early 2017, Sam worked for six years at McKinsey & Company in Zurich, London and New York. Sam started out investing in fellow entrepreneurs early on and has co-invested alongside on several occasions. He helps session.venture to assess possible investment opportunities and acts as an advisor to existing portfolio companies, especially around digital and DTC topics.