I'm going to be a venture capital investor. Here is why!

Jeremias Meier

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December 2, 2021
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A year ago, I handed over my company bexio to my successor. At the time, I was approached by a leading VC fund to join their investment team. After almost 7 years of intense building, successful exit and a pretty crazy journey as co-founder and CEO of bexio, I couldn't imagine becoming a fund manager. I declined the offer without hesitation.

A little more than a year later I have decided to join venture investor - here are the three most important reasons why:

1. The approach

At, entrepreneurs invest in other entrepreneurs. I have not experienced any other VC fund that can provide such hands-on support and brings in experience in all areas from pre-seed to IPO. At, the partners combine more than half a century of experience in building their own successful companies - with all the beautiful, and not so beautiful learning experiences that one gains along the way. In addition the capital we invest comes primarily from the partners and from other successful entrepreneurs.

2. My love for startups

I love building companies and working with great people. That's exactly what I can do at I help companies and founder teams grow by sharing my experience from more than 15 years of entrepreneurship. And we at have only just started and have the ambition to build a leading early stage VC fund, offering real hands-on support from successful entrepreneurs who have done it before. So I am excited to contribute to’ growth and to the whole startup ecosystem.

3. The team

Martin and Philippe, the two founders of were my first angel investors at bexio. They taught me how important it is to have the right investors on board as an early-stage startup. I can say that we would not have developed bexio so successfully without them. Martin, who was Chairman of bexio for many years, was an incredibly great mentor. So I am very happy to work with Martin and Philippe again.

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